Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wish me a Good Start!

After so much of thought, I have started blogging - and wish this shouldn't turn out to be a normal cooking blog. I want this blog to be a place where I can post some healthy and untried recipes. And at this time, my daughter-in-law Deepthi wanted to wish me a good start and here is her message for me and of course, she is one who is going to help me to bring out the techie version of my recipes :)

"My God! I couldn't compare her interest in cooking with anything else.. or with anyone's level of interest.. and yes, each one of us has such an interest in something or the other.. and my MIL's interest is Cooking. Sometimes I comment 'she can be in kitchen whole day cooking something' and best part is 'WITH INTEREST'.. yes, that means a lot.. showing your interest in cooking brings a very good dish out.

I wish this blog can be a platform for her to show her skillset. I can assure that the recipes that you will see in this blog would be something you wouldn't have tried before or even heard before.. My favourite among them is "Sorakkai Adai".

More to come.. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Good Luck ma...